The Insurance world must change. We are a fully independent insurance group specialized in many insurance fields for individuals or companies. Some of our team members, located worldwide, have more than 30 years' experience, including the expat world, and also in London, the premier world marketplace for insurance and reinsurance.


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Do you really need a medical cover if you break your arm? Finally, not really, because you can always find the money for that, this is usually cheap. You need to be covered for major accidents and major hospitalizations. You need to be covered for cancer, chronic disease, and genetic disorder, because they are very expensive.


With the improvements of the medicine, nowadays you received treatment (pills) at home without going to the hospital. A monthly treatment (box of innovative medicine) can cost several thousand USD per month. Wrlife covers under Module 1 the cancer treatment including the box of innovative medicine that you take at home. Wrlife covers the box of innovative medicine for chronic disease under Module 2.


In most cases if you visit a hospital in our vast direct billing network, we will settle the bill with the hospital directly. In the event that you visit a hospital outside our network, you will need to submit us your claims, which are typically processed within 5 working days. Those who are aware of pre-existing medical conditions may apply - but pre-existing conditions may be excluded from coverage or covered with a loading or a moratorium period.


Wrlife's best healthcare insurance for expats

Each year the prices will be renewed on first of January. The vote online will concern, among other topics, the yearly price increase (which we will try to get around 0-8%). If we can even decrease the price, we will do it. Firstly the subscription price will be a little bit under the competitors (we are not a stock market player). Secondly each of us will have the visibility on his future premiums as every year we will participate in the online vote about the possible yearly increase. The votes will be opened three months in advance. And all of us can change our mind and our vote anytime we want during these three months.

At Wrlife, get shielded against soaring medical costs

The insured can gain more points (if he wishes so) by bringing customers (2000 points per customer brought) or having a good claim ratio (500 points per year). The insured can gain, sell, give, share points or pay a part of his premium with points. Finally for some customers who help to have new customers, a big part (or all) their own premium will be given back or saved in their account. And dividend shall be distributed to everyone after several years.






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Our reserves and saving will be put in ethic assets with ethic partners. We already have one Insurance licence and one Broker Licence, and we will get more. We want our staff to have shares also, and we will do our best to hold handicapped employees as well. Indeed even if we are participative, we do not avoid the capitalism and we must have profitability. if you are an expatriate in Cambodia and married to a Cambodian. What about your family in law? Do they already have a local medical cover? What happens in case of a big emergency to them? Finally who pays for it? Maybe you would be happy to have applied a micro insurance scheme for some determined big risks.

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