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A better approach to medical insurance

At WrLife we believe that customers prefer to be insured by a fully-licenced company with an honest, open and fair approach to medical insurance. A company that takes a sensible, grown-up, and flexible approach to your pre-existing conditions and claims. That provides a fast and easy online sign-up process.

We are very competitive on costs because we have a small management structure, no expensive flashy buildings or need to keep a high stock market price. And we don’t abandon our customers when they reach 70 – we provide full-life insurance. This is why so many customers stay with us, and recommend us to their friends.

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At wrlife, get shielded against soaring medical costs

Why choose WrLife?

Medical insurance is important to your future health and wellbeing as an expat, so it’s vital to choose the right company.

We believe that if you’re happy with our service you’ll recommend us to others in your community, which will help us to grow a healthy business. So, we’re all in this together.

We’re a fully-licenced independent insurance group with over 30 years experience of providing specialised insurance for expats.

Because we believe that our communities are important, we take an active approach in helping communities to develop – click here to see our community initiatives…

And because all communities, local, global and virtual depend on their environment, we also take an active role in environmental preservation projects – click here to see our Elephant Initiative…

Who wants an insurance company that hits you with a massive renewal increase, often at the last minute so you’ve little time to consider options? Who wants an insurance company that focusess on keeping shareholders happy, not it’s customers?

The WrLife team

We are fully-licenced insurance agents and brokers, and we believe in creating a fair and equitable basis for our team. That’s why we have developed our Team Charter that is focussed on:

  • Team members are shareholders in the company so they participate in it’s benefits
  • Reserves and savings are held in ethical assets with ethical partner companies
  • We welcome handicapped team members to our team
  • We are actively involved in the community and the environment, because we are all part of it

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  • Emergency Call Center [24 hours] in London (English language)24 hours free holtine in Thailand +66 (0) 20260616
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