Good price

Each year the prices will be renewed on first of January.

The vote online will concern, among other topics, the yearly price increase (which we will try to get around 0-8%). If we can even decrease the price, we will do it.

Firstly the subscription price will be a little bit under the competitors (we are not a stock market player).

Secondly each of us will have the visibility on his future premiums as every year we will participate in the online vote about the possible yearly increase.

The votes will be opened three months in advance. And all of us can change our mind and our vote anytime we want during these three months.

Each dollar spent every year in the insurance company or in any subsidiary brokerage by the insured is a point which gives shares in the global architecture. Each year the point value can increase. The insured can gain more points (if he wishes so) by bringing customers (2000 points per customer brought) or having a good claim ratio (500 points per year). The insured can gain, sell, give, share points or pay a part of his premium with points.

Finally for some customers who help to have new customers, a big part (or all) their own premium will be given back or saved in their account.

And dividend shall be distributed to everyone after several years.